W&H A-Plas VS Lime

W&H A-PLAS is the modern and improved mortar additive. Many professionals in the construction industry prefer W&H A-PLAS to lime because of its many unique properties and benefits.

Composed of high polymerisation cellulose Composed of calcium hydroxide.
When mixed with water, it raises the water molecules, retaining water required for hydration and enhances the density of mortar. Loses water easily after being combined with cement.
Improve the workability and finishes of the plaster by reducing the chance of shrinkage cracks occurring. Produces greater shrinkage and damage to the strength of the cement.
Increase the viscosity of cement. Does offer this advantage.
Increase the bond and strength of the plastered wall. Does not offer this advantage.
Slight heat is produced when mixed with water. High heat is produced and crack marks may result on the wall.
Useful in accelerating the hydration of cement. Does not offer this advantage.
Does not contain cleaning agents. May contain cleaning agents that lighten and smoothen the slurry; cleaning agents however undermine the strength of the cement and cause hollowing in concrete columns.