W&H A-plas was developed by the W&H Wallcorp Sdn. Bhd. research and development team after more than two years of careful study and experimentation. Enhanced with the ability to retain moisture and strengthen cement, W&H A-plas is the revolutionary mortar additive that has the following benefits:

  1. STRENGTHENS CEMENT. W&H A-plas is a high polymeric material; this enables it to retain moisture and to enhance the strength of cement through complete hydration. This is better than using purely cement only.

  2. REDUCES SHRINKAGE CRACKS. When W&H A-PLAS mixes with water it raises the water molecules, retaining sufficient water for hydration and enhances the density of mortar. This chemical reaction will prevent the occurring of shrinkage cracks .

  3. BETTER HYDRATION EFFECT. The main difference between W&H A-plas and lime are, lime is calcium hydroxide and loses water easily. As a result, it produces greater risk of shrinkage and damage to the strength of the cement. By opting for W&H A-plas, you need only minor alteration to your working methods and it ensures that the slurry mix will be stronger and better.

  4. NO CLEANING AGENTS. Certain products may contain cleaning agents to lighten and smoothen the slurry, but these cleaning agents undermine the strength of the cement, resulting in hollowing of concrete columns. W&H A-plas does not require cleaning agents.

  5. INCREASE WORKABILITY OF CEMENT. Use of water-reducing admixture or set retarded additive in mortar requires professional control and is not recommended in general construction sites due to many unforeseen factors that can cause negative results to the mortar. Excessive dosage and overmixing can weaken the mortar by promoting inflammation and causing mortar to swell and be porous. W&H A-plas is a high polymer cellulose that increases the molecular volume of the mortar without causing any unexpected negative effects.

  6. SAFE AND NON-TOXIC. W&H A-plas is absolutely safe. It does not bring negative effects to the strength of cement.


More & more people are switching from lime to W&H A-plas every day. Find out why!