W&H is a powder additive that allows for better dispersing of Portland cement into plastering and bricklayering cement mortar. W&H A-plas is made of high polymer polymerisation cellulose. When mixed with water, it raises the water molecules, retains water required for hydration, and enhance the density of the mortar.

Product Specification

Technical Data Description
Colour Brown
Cement Ordinary Portland Cement compatibility
Additive Holy polymer polymerised cellulose water base
Fire risk Does not spread OR support fire
Toxicity Non-toxic
Safety precaution If eye comes in contact with W&H A-plas, wash eye with plenty of water immediately; seek treatment if needed
Packing 100g per pack
S/No Description Model No. 1
(Orange Packaging)
Model No. 2
(Green Packaging)
Model No. 3
(Blue Packaging)
1 Better hydration Same Same Same
2 Viscosity Same Same Same
3 Compressive strength for concrete cubes (average) 6MN/m2 9MN/m2 13MN/m2
4 High polymer polymerisation cellulose water base content (based on 100g) 25% 35% 50%
5 Pricing Low Middle High
6 Weight 100g 100g 100g
7 Size of specimen (mm) 50x50x50 50x50x50 50x50x50
8 Contains cleaning agent No No No