W & H Crack Seal

How To Use

  • Wipe the crack with a wet sponge to remove any dirt that may impair adhesion.
  • Use a small spatula to apply W&H Crack-Seal into the crack in a crosswise direction to fill it up. Wipe over evenly in a vertical direction to level the filling.
  • Clean up excessive crack seal with a wet sponge.


  • If cracks are less than 1.5 mm across, please widen it with a small nail.
  • If shrinking occurs, please re-fill after 3 hours.


  • W&H Crack-Seal is non-toxic, non-polluting, and environmentally friendly. It does not pose any safety threats and does not cause any harm to the human body or the environment.
  • W&H Crack-Seal possesses elasticity and adhesive properties. It is able to withstand minor oscillation and compression.
  • The surface capillary pores of W&H Crack-Seal look similar to the coating. Therefore, the patch is not obvious after being painted over.


  • If the crack is too large, fill with W&H Crack-Seal mixed with cement.
  • If the wall surface was applied with SKING COAT, or if the crack is flaking or is not compact, it can be first brushed with latex diluted with water. When the surface of the infiltration cures, filling can then be done.


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