W & H Tilemate

    How To Use

    Step 1
    Add 200 gram of W&H Tilemate to 20L of water and stir well. Leave for 3 minutes..
    Step 2
    Add the W&H Tilemate solution to cement and mix well using a power drill mixer. Leave for 5 minutes before mixing again.
    Step 3
    Application ratio: 20L W&H Tilemate solution to 50 kg cement.


  • Excellent hydrating properties. Cement can only gradually harden after being mixed with water. By adding W&H Tilemate with extra hydrating power, cement will possess sufficient moisture to cure completely. This enables strong adhesion of laid tiles and prevents tiles from falling off.
  • Longer working time allows works on site to progress at a reasonable pace. Longer working time also allows error adjustments and tile alignments.
  • Better heat tolerance. Three types of components – substrate, latex mortar, and tiles – are used in the tiling of outer walls. Therefore the coefficients of the three different materials need to be considered. At high temperatures, the expansion of tiles on the surface is different from that of the substrate or latex mortar, thus creating stress in the middle layer and causing the loss of adhesiveness. W&H Tilemate provides sufficient tenacity that enables the stress to be fully distributed, therefore preventing the loss of adhesiveness.
  • Newly poured concrete shrinks when hardening. This causes stress in the latex mortar and results in tiles falling off. The tenacity of W&H Tilemate will absorb the stress caused by the shrinkage, therefore enhancing tile bonding.
  • Tiles and latex mortar bond via the infiltration of mortar into the capillary pores in the back of the tiles. Advanced tile manufacturing technology has reduced the number of capillary pores In the back of the tiles and as a result lowered the water absorption and subsequently the bonding ability of the tiles to the latex mortar. W&H Tilemate solves this problem by increasing the bonding power and subsequent tile adhesion.


  • When preparing the W&H Tilemate solution, stir water continuously while adding W&H Tilemate slowly. If W&H Tilemate is added too quickly or too much at one time, lumps will be formed.
  • The adhesiveness of the product can be adjusted according to on-site requirements by increasing or decreasing the amount of water added (60 – 100 kg).
  • The thickness of the mortar mixture of W&H Tilemate solution and cement can be adjusted according to individual working requirements by adjusting the amount of cement added.
  • The W&H Tilemate solution can be stored for three months. Use a tightly-covered container to prevent drying.

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