MTB Cement Mortar Pump

The MTB Cement Mortar Pump is a special masonry machine that allows cement mortar to be delivered across a distance of 300m and pumped up to the desired storey up to a height of 100m in a building under construction.

It uses the Rolling Extrusion technology with specified Casting Mould design to enhance the durability of the Extruding Tube.

The unique Cyclodrive Design allows all torque-transmitting parts of the machinery to operate in compression and share the load over many teeth. It uses hardened and polished rolling elements that allow the machine to operate smoothly and quietly with minimum vibration levels.

What Will You Get When You Purchase The MTB Cement Mortar Pump?

Item Description Quantity
Main Machine TW-200 5 HP 1
Blender Mixer c/w Cement Strand 3 HP / 250 L 1
Hooper Mixer c/w Vibrator Motor and Mesh 1 HP / 200 L 1
Accessories Description Quantity
Hooper Tube 1.5 meter 1 pc
Retaining Ring c/w Rubber Jacket 1.5 inches 26 pcs
Delivery Tube 10 meter 1 pc
90-Degrees Iron Tube 1.5 inches 4 pcs
3.0 meter Iron Tube 1.5 inches 20 pcs
2.0 meter Iron Tube 1.5 inches 1 pc
1.5 meter Iron Tube 1.5 inches 1 pc
Sponge - 50 pcs
Extruding Tube For rental/used machine purchase 1 pc
  For purchase of new machine 5 pcs


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