Technical Specification


(TW-200) / Three phase / 415V ~ 440V
The design of the casting mould in the rolling extrusion system enhances the durability of the extrusion tube. This machine handles a wide range of work and operates smoothly without interruption when feeding cement. The superior cyclodrive design allows many teeth to share the load, maximising the high pumping capacity while minimising exhaust from the extruding tube.


Roller Configuration: Double Extra Roller Compressed with 16pcs Roller
  • 8 x 63 x 1250 (mm)
  • Casting Mould Design In Rolling Extrusion System
  • Patented Product, MY-123721-A.
Technical Data Description
Dimension 760 x 650 x 1130 (mm)
Weight 270 kg
Motor 5 HP
Delivery Capacity 100 m (vertically) and 300 m (horizontally)



(TW-M950) Three phase, 415V ~ 440V
  • Specially designed mixer’s knife will produce even mixing of plaster.
  • Safety mesh is included.
Technical Data Description
Dimension 1200 x 1000 x 950 x 400 depth (mm)
Weight 200 kg
Motor 3 HP
Capacity 250 L
Rotating Speed 45 rpm
Blender Shape L-shaped design
Ratio of Mixture 1:3 (Cement : Sand)



(TW-E930) Three phase, 415V ~ 440V
  • The vibration mount of the round hopper and wire mesh enables filtering of bigger particles from the plaster.
Technical Data Description
Dimension 730 x 1070 x 1000 (mm)
Weight 110 kg
Motor 1 HP x 3 pole
Capacity 200 L
Rotating Speed 30 rpm
Vibration Motor 1000 kg with 2800 times/mins
Blender Shape V-shaped design

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